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Duluth is a special place with incredible potential. But we also face urgent challenges. Now, more than ever, we need serious city councilors who show up, do the work, and get results. Councilor Arik Forsman – a proven public servant, exceptional leader, and dedicated family man – is our trusted voice at City Hall. 

Arik, like countless Duluthians he’s talked with and listened to, believes Duluth can be the best place in Minnesota to raise a family. His service in office these past five years has brought us closer to that vision. But he knows there’s much more progress to make and work to be done.

Our community is at a crossroads this election season. We can choose a candidate like Arik who will focus on solving our most pressing local challenges and put the community’s future above partisan politics. Or we can choose candidates who support extreme policies that would benefit fringe groups pushing their own agendas instead of what Duluthians want or need.

The choice is clear. We need to re-elect Councilor Arik Forsman to keep getting the job done for us.

Focus on Duluth

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Key Issues

Arik gets the job done.

Helped resurrect the Costco Deal. Saved a childcare center in Lakeside and the Memorial Day Parade in West Duluth. Led the charge from the council to get Spirit Mountain out of the red and profitable again. Fought for more funding for our police officers and firefighters to retain and recruit the best. Elevated childcare as a community priority and championed new programs to increase access. 

Keeping Us Safe

Arik is the candidate our public safety professionals trust. When fringe groups were trying to defund the police, Arik was fighting for a historic raise for our Duluth Police Officers, training increase for our Duluth Firefighters, and a pathway to fund a new community crisis response program. Arik will never back down from supporting our first responders and will hold the line when others try to cut these core safety services and make us less safe.

Champion for Kids

As a dad and t-ball coach, Arik knows first-hand how our ballfields, hockey rinks, community centers, and sports courts that were once a source of pride for Duluthians are falling apart. Investing in youth sports, activities, and childcare is a top priority over the next four years to provide healthy spaces for the next generation of Duluthians to grow and thrive and spur economic growth in our communities.

results not rhetoric

Duluth has incredible potential. But we need serious councilors like Arik who can work across political differences to solve our most urgent challenges so that we can: Increase the budget for street and infrastructure repair city-wide. Prioritize fully staffing our police officers, firefighters, and road maintenance/snowplow crews. Put kids first by investing new state tax dollars in fixing our parks, ballfields, courts, rinks, & community centers. Rebuild and reimagine our downtown to improve safety and restore pride in the heart of the city. Create more housing and expand access to home repair & reconstruction programs. Grow our tax base to reduce the property tax burden on residents and create more family-sustaining jobs through economic development. 

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